Eric’s Priorities for A Better Kansas.

Kansas needs dependable leaders with the right core principles to guide them as they tackle specific issues before the legislature. While the issues may change, the people of Shawnee need a State Representative they can trust to stand firm on their principles while working together with others to find solutions. With that in mind, here are key principled priorities I will champion in Topeka:

Craft a Lasting Solution for School Funding and Focus on Kids
It's Time to Fix It Once and For All!

This issue has been kicked around for decades, mired in lawsuits and a confusing formula which no one can understand. While the politicians keep kicking around endless studies and unions make unreasonable demands, no lasting solution can occur. My beliefs are clear - funding must meet the needs of our schools with a focus on the classroom, local control must be preserved, and we need accountability to ensure that every child is receiving a quality education that meets their needs.

Reform Topeka into a Responsible Government that Works
Keep Government Limited and Taxes in Check.

On the Shawnee City Council, I have fought for responsible budgets and low taxes, a record I will carry with me to the halls of the State Captiol. With so many groups wanting a part of the pie, I will focus on prioritizing core services in an efficient and effective way - such as schools, roads, public safety, and helping the most vulnerable among us. By doing so, we can lower taxes for families and keep our economy moving.

Work Together on Principled Ideas that Help Kansans
From Job Creation to Welfare Reform, Let's Get it Right!

For my entire career, I have been a problem solver – from my 30 years as an expert in emergency management, to 21 years on the Shawnee Planning Commission, and now as your Shawnee City Councilman. Our state faces evolving problems that Topeka must be prepared to tackle - including KPERS reform, job creation, and getting people from welfare to work. To do so it needs representatives who will focus on fixing the problem, not on petty politics. Let's work together to do what's right.